HOUSING: Immigration the crux of the matter

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Having been born, lived and worked in the area for all my 72 years, I read with interest your article headlined: “Could you live like this?” They had kitchens and bathrooms and electricity?

Our family in the Forties and Fifties had none of these. We’d lived until I was 12 in a tiny, two up-two down cottage, three adults, three children. No gas, electricity or running water. We scraped ice off the inside of the bedroom windows in the winter.

The water tap was in the front garden, the toilet a wooden earth closet at the bottom of the garden. Our bath was a big tin one in front of the kitchen fire.

Hard done by? We never thought we were and I still don’t. There has long been foreign workers for seasonal work in this area – they lived in hostels and camps for the summer and then went home. However, I have long thought that those greedy gang masters should be sorted out. Some of the ones I know about are English and get a handout from the landlords. We all know the crux of the matter is too many immigrant workers being let in to our country.

It is not their fault for coming. We would do the same, but enough is enough – which is why UKIP has done so well.

Liz Mumford

Sutton Bridge