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Having just completed our 35th and final performance of 2011, now seems an appropriate time on behalf of the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding to express our huge and sincere thanks to the many people of South Lincolnshire who have supported us this year.

The members of the Ukulele Orchestra play for our own enjoyment and, hopefully, for the enjoyment and entertainment of anyone who comes to see us.

We have been delighted by the enthusiastic and encouraging responses which we have received at the many and various venues at which we have performed – Ayscoughfee Gardens, churches, village halls, WI meetings, hospices, residential and retirement homes etc.

We do hope that 2012 will be as much fun for us (and our lovely audiences!) as this year has been.

The orchestra does not charge a fee to perform, but does accept donations. These are used to either: a) cover our expenses or b) are donated by us to a variety of charities and local good causes (some of which are championed in the local press).

In 2011 the Ukulele Orchestra has donated approximately £1,000 to such good causes. Thank you all again for making us feel so welcome, for joining in so enthusiastically, and for your generous donations and kind comments.

John Baguley

Chairman, Ukulele Orchestra of