HOME CLOSURES: There is day care provision for elderly

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I would like to reply through your letters column to Gill Thomas who wrote a letter in the Free Press.

Firstly I would like to agree with her that the closure so soon after Halmer Grange of the Fulney Hall Day Centre is very sad and traumatic for both the staff and the elderly who attended there and is undoubtedly due to the funding given to Adult Social Care and the many restructures Lincolnshire County Council have had to endure through the last three years.

Secondly I would like to state that she is wrong in saying that there is no day care provision in Spalding as anyone reading your centre pages in the same edition of the Free Press will see for themselves.

At Age UK Spalding District we operate a very successful day centre five days a week with over 80 people attending throughout the week and we have found places for the people who required it from Fulney Hall and have liaised with staff there to make sure that many of the people concerned will have a place to attend and stay with their friends that they have made at Fulney Hall. We also have a separate area for people with dementia where it is a quiet environment and are given individual attention if they require it.

We provide many hours of respite day care for carers in the area and any one interested is very welcome to have a look around.

I hope this helps to allay any fears that the local elderly may have after reading that there is no provision locally.

Liz Walmsley

General Manager

Age UK Spalding