HOME CLOSURES: A sad day for Spalding and for my mum

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As the door closed on Fulney Day Care Centre on Friday, a shadow was cast over the town and the demise of this service will leave a void that is going to be extremely hard to fill.

Mandy Crisp and her colleagues at the day centre have been bringing a ray of sunshine to the lives of some of the most vulnerable elderly residents of Spalding, including my own mother who has greatly benefitted from the wonderful support she has received.

I cannot begin to express my disappointment that the town is losing this jewel in its social care crown.

Day care for the elderly seems to be seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Without the stimulation that she has received my 89-year-old mother, who suffers from Alzhiemers, would be in a very different place today.

The learning and experience taken following the demise of the highly regarded Halmer Grange service, combined with the attention to detail and level of care that these staff have been able to offer in such beautiful surroundings, is going to be extremely hard to replace.

Self esteem and social interaction is an essential ingredient to keep the elderly alive and respected. Fulney Hall made every one of their clients feel special.

The economic climate has much to answer for but in this case, I suspect the lack of support from those who may have been easily able to step in to boost the numbers of referrals has been contributory to the centre having to close.

A sad day for my mum and a sad day for Spalding.

Ros Bird

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