HOLLAND MARKET: We want to know when

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Reading the latest nugget relating to plans for Holland Market in Spalding from the market manager Michael Moran, one can only wonder if anything is going to happen.

It’s now over a year since we had ramblings of Richard Garvey, who promised many things for the area from a multiplex cinema to a drive-through porridge outlet.

The Holland Market saga makes me wonder if it’s not going along the same lines of ideas quoted from time to time to expand or revamp the current area that go nowhere.

Although it seems plans to put the bus station on castors and push it around town are providing a slight diversion of sorts.

Perhaps a logical approach instead of dangling retail and other cash grabbing carrots before us might be to tell us, the people who will support these projects, when they are going to happen for real.

Bottom line is no buts, no ifs as a when it’s going to happen is what we want to know and that’s not asking much.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End