HOLBEACH: The area looks an absolute disgrace

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I took these photos last Tuesday afternoon when walking into Holbeach town centre.

They show the area on Fleet Road at the junction with Foxes Low Road where the Wheatsheaf carving stands on the grass island.

The grass has not been mowed in ages and has been allowed to grow out of control, and the flowers in the tubs are dying off and are certainly well past their best. The area looks an absolute disgrace.

When we see pictures on the Holbeach in Bloom Facebook page, and they are telling us how beautiful Holbeach is looking, this Wheatsheaf island by the Catholic church is a picture of sheer neglect.

Maybe too many people are too busy blowing their own trumpets to notice the poor state some parts of the town are looking.

I do hope you will publish the pictures as I am sure I am not the only one who feels sad that the town is looking so untidy.

Sarah Wilkinson

via email