HOLBEACH PARISH COUNCIL: What a very sorry world we live in

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Regarding my letter about the outgoing Holbeach Parish Council chairman Peter Savory, how very sad Paul Poll is that he sees cynicism in everything.

He couldn’t be further from the truth in his comments and he also has the wrong information to boot. My comments have nothing to do with employers or who my husband is. They are my thoughts and said simply as a personal thank you as I would say, and often do ,to anyone who deserves it, whoever they are.

Maybe not the kind of moral code Mr Poll understands. He knows nothing about the reasons why the praise was given so is not qualified to say if it was biased or not. As the editor says, what is wrong in an employee praising an elected member of the council anyway.

A sorry world we live in when we have people in it who question even a thank you.

Loraine Walker