HOLBEACH MARKET: Landlords could help attract more people to town

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I read with great interest your article in the Spalding Guardian about improving Holbeach market to attract more people. But it is a quick fix if it happens.

What is needed is landlords to tidy up their properties. If you come into Holbeach from Crowland you are met at the five-way junction with buildings that need repairs to windows and a proper smartening up. In the High Street you have Martins, whose shop front is disintegrating, The Chequers and The Bell looking run down, a property next to The Chequers that has been empty for a number of years and has bowing walls at the side.

If you look at the flats above the shops on the same side of the street they have broken glass in the windows.

If the landlords and shop owners were to tidy up this area it would be more attractive to visitors and they may well stop to shop in Holbeach.

With reference to car parking in Holbeach, it has been mentioned to South Holland District Council that the notices on free parking and how to obtain it has been removed from the machines, but why not make free parking three hours as it is in the Tesco car park?

On the subject of parking, I noticed in the Boston Standard that in the first two weeks of Lincolnshire County Council taking over parking enforcement that only six 6 tickets had been issued in the South Holland area.

I have to ask the question has an enforcement officer been to Holbeach because the parking infringements have not reduced?

I have mentioned the state of Holbeach to the Business Forum, Parish Council and others in the past and like all things it goes round and round in circles.

Dave Budgen

Holbeach St Marks