HOLBEACH LIBRARY: Still at an early stage

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Your report ‘Warning over library opening hours cut ahead of handover’ (Lincs Free Press, January 28) stated that the University of Lincoln and University Academy Holbeach are to jointly run Holbeach Library.

It is important to clarify that discussions about a possible handover are still at an early stage. No decisions have yet been reached on whether this will happen or on finer details such as opening hours.

The facts are that the university and the academy have made an expression of interest to Lincolnshire County Council to continue running the library. Having had our expression of interest accepted, we have now been invited to submit a full business case by the end of March.

As part of this process, we will have to carefully consider if we could run the library on a sustainable footing and in a way that is of benefit to the people of Holbeach.

The county council would also need to approve any bid. Final decisions would be made by early May.

We very much hope to be able to preserve Holbeach Library, which we recognise is a valuable community resource, but we cannot say with certainty at the moment what the outcome will be.

Ian Richards

University of Lincoln