Hit them where it hurts

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Like many of your readers, I am adversely affected by the record prices of petrol from which we are currently suffering in this region as in other parts of this country.

Even those of us who cannot afford to own a car are hard hit, since these prices are passed on to consumers via the prices of any goods and services which are transported to the point of sale and delivery.

A measure of Conservative hypocrisy on this issue will be readily apparent, since for over a decade between 1997 and 2010, the Tories cashed in politically for all they could on complaints about what now seem like relatively low prices of petrol when the previous government were in office.

The current Tory foreign secretary indeed at one time encouraged these protests to take the form of civil disobedience.

However, few people seem to understand the depths of Tory deception, since the Tories conceal the fact that they themselves were responsible for concocting the taxes which have increased the price of petrol.

The fuel escalator was created by Kenneth Clarke when he was chancellor in the 1990s.

It is very unlikely that any Labour government would ever have got away with introducing such a measure

Since they seem not to care about the damage they have inflicted on the poorest and most hard-working people of the region for nearly 20 years, it seems the only thing we can do is to bring it home to the Tories by depriving them of what they care about most, ie their privileges, allowances and salaries as MPs and local councillors, which we taxpayers pay for.

G Peatling