HISTORY: Researching Spalding’s Home Guard

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I am researching the history of the Home Guard in Spalding during World War Two, particularly a secret unit within it known as the Auxiliaries, who would have gone underground in the event of a German invasion.

My Grandfather was in this unit, Cecil Victor Baker, known as ‘Cis’, who had a bakery business in Commercial Road in the 1940s and 50s.

In particular, I’m trying to find details of an underground hide they had which was on a riverbank at Weston, but the exact location is unknown.

I’m trying to locate the relatives of any of the other members of this unit to see if they have any memorabilia, information or could locate the hide.

I am working in conjunction with the group that have this website: www.britishresistancearchive.org

The known members of the unit Patrol 6D, were as follows: Lt Bill Ground, Sgt CC Wilson, Cpl E Baxter, Pte G Neal, Pte E Hunt, and Pte C Baker – my grandfather. People can contact me at saxonjohn24@yahoo.co.uk if they have any information.

Gordon Shaw