HGV TRAFFIC: Village used as motorway

A lovely scene in Gosberton - but lorries are causing a nuisance says a reader
A lovely scene in Gosberton - but lorries are causing a nuisance says a reader
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I am beginning to regret sending an email congratulating one of the drivers at Turners for driving so slowly through the village.

All night long, their lorries, and others, go through Gosberton. Why, oh why, can they not go on the A17?

As I sit here, another Turners lorry sits outside my house, waiting for traffic to go through from the other direction.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a fit person to cross the road. For my 92-year-old aunt and people with young children, it is almost impossible.

All the lorries – not just Turners – go way too fast. There seems to be absolutely no respect for the speed limit, except when there is a traffic queue and the road is blocked.

Please can someone do something. There must be a way of imposing a weight limit, or at least ban night travel.

It is only a couple of miles further on the A17. Why is a residential area with elderly people on mobility scooters, young children and a busy school being used as a motorway?

There are no proper zebra crossings, traffic lights throughout the whole village or flashing speed lights.

The sorry excuse for a crossing down by the school is not noticed by anyone.

Your very own Guardian Angel has written on numerous occasions about her own near-misses as drivers enter the High Street from the B1397.

I am not able to sleep through the night because of the constant stream of lorries. I will not give up on this.

My house shakes more than ever and even my neighbour, who lives behind my house and fronts on Salem Street, says his house vibrates.