Here comes another teddy!

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Are you ready Rodney? Here comes another teddy!

If Rodney Sadd spent as much time making new welcome signs a reality, as he does criticising the ones we have, I’m sure they’d be something to behold!

Mr Sadd seems to be very good at saying, ‘somebody should’, well it’s time that somebody was him.

I will offer Mr Sadd the same amount of resources I had for this project, up to the point where I had to seek funding from the Spalding Town Forum – very little, other than some professional help to refine the design and with placing the order.

Mr Sadd seems to be under the mistaken impression that this project had the resources of the district council behind it – it did not.

Spalding Town Forum is the 11 Spalding district councillors, plus representatives from the police, the chamber of commerce and other local organisations.

It purchases some administrative support from the district council and the only funds it has, is what the 11 district councillors are willing to provide from their ward budgets.

Just like every other parish council in South Holland, we do the best we can with what we’ve got.

So, here you go Rodney – catch!

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones

South Holland District Council