HEALTHCARE: Money out of my misery

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I have written an email to local MP John Hayes and the CEO at ATOS Healthcare about the abysmal way I have been treated by them in recent months.

In December I filled in and returned a lengthy “Limited Capability To Work” questionnaire ATOS sent me on behalf of the DWP as part of the changeover from Incapacity Benefit to Employment & Support Allowance.

I gave forensic detail about every aspect of my illnesses and their impact and blight on my life. I also added a four page continuity letter so that there was no doubt as to what my health issues are.

I was expecting to have a full medical to prove that what I’d written was justified.

Last week, out of the blue, the Spalding Jobcentre sent me a letter telling me I have to go for a work-focused interview. This came as quite a surprise because I hoped prior to this I would have had a medical exam before moving on to the Jobcentre Plus, if at all.

I have no problem attending this “back-to-work” interview, but something is clearly going wrong somewhere . Especially so as I have received nothing from ATOS since December.

I did not ask for either of my illnesses. They are not self-inflicted but one of the two is degenerative and ever-worsening and I’ve had it 15 years. The other I’ve had for ten years and has no signs of abating. Neither are curable and one is virtually untreatable.

I have emailed ATOS and asked them why they did not read my form and letter but sent it straight to the Spalding Jobcentre, hence their letter to me.

Despite an email from ATOS confirming someone will contact me, they haven’t yet done so.

I realise that all us claimants have to have an assessment. I have no problem with this at all. What I object to is the way it’s handled by ATOS.

My experience of them is that all they’re interested in is making a quick profit at the expense of ill people. This victim of their incompetence is sick enough without being stressed out further by corporation greed and wanton incompetence of an agency appointed by the government. I imagine I’m not the only one like this here in Spalding.

For the record, I have given the editor my full name and address and phone numbers. I have asked anonymity whilst this is dealt with.

A Spalding reader

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