HEALTH: Whose bright idea is these ambulance closures?

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I read (on page 4) in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian about the possible closures of Bourne, Spalding and Holbeach ambulance depots.

Whose bright idea is this anyway?

It is ludicrous. At least one should be kept open to cover the three areas.

Possibly a branch located in Spalding.

Then I read (on page 9) about the wait for one.

Would the person who made this decision be willing to wait two hours or longer when requiring emergency treatment? I doubt it.

Jean Smith

Weston Hills

People’s lives should not be up for debate

Once again people are opening up the can of worms debate on Spalding’s ambulance service. This debate has dragged on far too long and needs to be sorted now.

People’s lives should not be up for debate. Closing Spalding’s station would be a disaster. The people who work for this service do a fantastic job.

They work with bravery and dedication and do not get the credit they deserve. Restricting these services would be absurd.

This proposal needs to be nipped in the bud and I urge MP John Hayes to make as much noise as he can to ensure this vital service remains at full capacity.

Spalding will suffer if these proposed cuts are introduced. As a community, we must ensure this does not happen ever.

So now is the time for all the talk to stop and for everyone to do whatever it takes to save our ambulance service.

A Cannon