HEALTH: The staff at new hospital are doing a great job

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I recently attended the blood clinic at Spalding’s new Johson Hospital and was handed a survey to fill in on how I found the current sevice and would I recommend it to a friend or family member.

I am sure the results of the survey will be a positive one because I found the staff very friendly and supportive during my visit.

Despite the morning being very busy the staff were well organized to be handling so many people that were there on an appointment basis – not like the old system that I can

remember on a first-come first-served basis at the old facility where you were given a number on arrival.

Like so many throughout the country, our local doctors and nurses do a great job and the NHS has just celebrated its 65th birthday.

We should all support the founding principles of the NHS as a publicly accountable service, which is free at the point of use, based on the need and not the ability to pay.

Our NHS is at the heart of what makes Britain great and these nurses do a great job for our community.

After giving some positive feed-back during the survey I would like to give the staff a public thank you.

Rodney Sadd