HEALTH: Plea to get yourself checked

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After listening to a radio programme discussing prostate cancer, I decided I would like your readers to share my story of being diagnosed with the disease.

When diagnosed , I was 64 years of age. So please don’t listen to the stories that it’s a 70 years onwards problem. It can strike at any age.

For eight years before I was diagnosed, I was going for regular PSA blood tests. The readings on them ranged from 4 to 6.7 on my test. I thought to myself there was not a problem.

On my last visit over 30 months ago my PSA Level had dropped to 6.2. That day I saw a different doctor and she asked me if I wanted to be referred to see a specialist because of my readings over the years had been fluctuating.

I was then sent for further tests and was diagnosed with cancer. I had no real symptoms, apart from getting up odd times during the night to pass water, which I always did, plus a little slower urine stream which I had put down to my age.

On further tests my cancer had not spread and was contained to the prostate which was very good news. If I had not been diagnosed then, I might have not been writing this letter. I then received 38 radiotherapy treatments at Peterborough District Hospital. They were a great team helping in every way possible. I had very few side effects. I finished them just over two years ago. I return to hospital twice a year. My PSA Levels are now at very low which is great news.

Why am I writing this?

I advise every male at whatever age, who has a problem or think they have , go to see their doctor asking for a PSA blood test. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to worry about but if left and not caught early the consequences could be more severe. Prostate cancer is a killer, if left. Catch it early and it can be beaten.

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