HEALTH: Pilgrim will be my choice from now on

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Having never been into hospital before as a patient, it came as a great concern that I now needed a total knee replacement and was advised to go to the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston for treatment.

There have been many tales going around about this hospital which did not paint it in the most favourable picture. Other persons I know have gone further afield for a simalar operation, just to get away from the Pilgrim.

“Well”, a choice word I can asure you. My stay at the Pilgrim Hospital and aftercare in ward 3A could not have been better. How the nursing staff cope with their many duties was remarkable and with never a grumble (what a team).

Food also, served hot, with several choices for each course and very good food as well. There was nothing to complain about here and I can congratulate all the staff I came into contact with on their excellence and expertise.

Only one complaint at present – I am hopping! Well done the Pilgrim.

Byton Hahn