HEALTH: Pilgrim were hopeless but Johnson were just fantastic

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I’m writing to say how much I agree with the letter from Martyn Glencross about the Pilgrim Hospital (Boston). My husband was in there for a month suffering with two brain tumours.

After a while they said they wanted his bed for someone else and would he wait in the day room next door and they would transfer him to the Bostonian.

They said it wouldn’t be long, but two hours later we were still there.

No one came in to see if he was alright, or wanted a drink or anything.

He was in a bed for a month and developed a really sore bottom – in fact it was so bad it started to peel. No one bothered about it.

Also, he couldn’t move his right arm, so when they brought his food they gave him a spoon for his left hand but as soon as the food went on the spoon it fell off again. No one came to help him eat. In fact they thought because he hadn’t eaten anything he didn’t want it and took it away.

After two hours’ wait in the day room I went to the reception desk and asked them how much longer and was told ten minutes.

Then they wheeled him to the Bostonian only to be told we would have to wait another 15 minutes as his bed had been given to someone else.

Anyway, they eventually found a bed for him but we had to wait again because they hadn’t got a mattress for it.

Also he was in pain but they wouldn’t give him anything because he had taken some paracetomol two hours previously.

Eventually they sent him home for a while in an ordinary car and driver and with a frame.

He had never used a frame so I don’t know how they expected him to walk up the drive and stop to get into the house.

Luckily my daughter and husband happened to be there so they helped him.

When we unpacked his things the hospital hadn’t put his false teeth in so my son-in-law had to make a special journey back to fetch them.

Eventually my husband was transferred to the Tulip Suite at Johnson Community Hospital and they couldn’t have been better.

When he had pain they gave him morphine and also tilted his bed so he wasn’t lying flat on his sore bottom.

Also a nurse came to feed him when he couldn’t manage. They were fantastic.

Never again do I hope to go to the Pilgrim Hospital. It was worse than the Stafford Hospital.

I agree with everything Mr Glencross says about the Pilgrim, they are hopeless.

Mrs M Woods