HEALTH: Fortunate to have such an asset here

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As an official visitor to the Johnson Community Hospital over several months, several flaws in the original design have become apparent which present barriers to the observation of all patients at all times and put some patients at risk of falls.

Following the move to the newly designed ward the staffing levels had not been increased.

These health and safety issues are being dealt with as a matter of urgency and changes are being made; these will ensure a much safer environment for patients.

The team have completed work now on agreeing the new staffing levels and recruitment is under way to bring more nurses to Welland Ward. Staffing levels have been less than ideal in recent times but the fresh input under Matron Kim Barr will bring numbers up to strength for the greater benefit of patients.

Further improvements for the welfare of patients are in the pipeline, including more specialist nurse clinics, and with consideration being given to transport issues and visiting hours, visiting hours will no longer be restricted, carers and families will be more encouraged to attend the ward. Matron Kim Barr and her colleagues assure the public that Johnson Community Hospital is a good place to work and they are doing their very best to give patients the service and care they deserve.

South Holland is indeed fortunate to have such an asset.

Joan Woolard

Fleet Hargate