HEALTH: Comment over Parkinsons must have confused

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I would like to refer to your article published in the Spalding Guardian on April 11 about Parkinsons.

My husband has this condition, having been diagnosed with it four years ago at 55. Your sentence which says “Although it is a neurological disease, the brain is unaffected” is not correct.

May I refer you to where you will see the first paragraph reads: “People with Parkinsons don’t have enough of a chemical called dopamine because some nerve cells in their brain have died.”

The comment must have caused confusion amongst anyone who read this article. Anyone who is affected by this condition, particularly those who are 55 and under, would be advised to make themselves familiar with the Parkinsons UK organisation.

Educating people about the condition is not easy, given that people have busy lives and are often coping with their own challenges. However, as one of thousands of carers, I feel it is my job to help convey the facts so as not to add to the problems surrounding the disease.

The condition slows you down dramatically and however positive you are, it is a nasty disease and Parkinsons UK are doing a wonderful job in trying to convey the message correctly so life can be more tolerable for those affected.