He should have given it some thought and studied the history

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It appears Paul Winn gave little thought to what being an elected representative of Moulton entailed prior to his election and now claims that he has been driven to resign because of hassle from villagers.

Had Paul bothered to take a brief look at the performance of the parish council during the previous 11 years, he would have soon discovered many problems.

Just attending some council meetings, reading a copy of the Public Interest Report issued by the auditors or indeed reading the Spalding Guardian or Lincolnshire Free Press would have enabled him to become aware of some of the council’s previous failings.

He really should have made efforts to obtain a greater understanding of council practices. I find it hard to believe that he genuinely felt appalled and hassled because members of the public politely asked questions and sought explanations during the public forum.

I attended the meeting concerning Moulton park but did not witness any attack on Mr Winn, either verbal or physical.

I am heartened by the efforts of those councillors whose intention is to rebuild a bond of trust with Moulton parishioners.

Peter Breach

Pipwell Gate

Moulton Seas End