Hayes was right to vote ‘no’

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On the subject of the recent vote in Parliament about British membership of the European Union, our local MP John Hayes was right to vote the way he did.

This was not the right time to vote to leave the EU; what we need to do is pull back from the EU super-state, as John Hayes has argued for many years now.

Mr Hayes has a great record in taking up local concerns about the EU – he opposed the Euro from the start, and warned about the dire economic consequences for the Eurozone that we are now seeing unfold.

His vocal opposition to the Euro was rare at a time when Labour, the Lib Dems (and even many Tories) were enthusiastic about the idea of a single currency.

The former Labour Minister Alan Johnson was right to call this a ‘hokey cokey’ referendum – “in, out, and shake it all about”.

Can any readers write in with examples of successful referendums that have had three options?

It was a poorly chosen referendum and was not the right way to take powers back from Europe, which is what the vast majority of the public want to see happen.

Robert Thomas

Deeping St James

l Asked whether in or out of Europe, My Hayes replied in, but not run by Europe.

In maybe but not run, I never voted to get run by Europe.

Like Mr Jackson said, his constituency and country come first before the baubles (showy worthless) ministerial office, which is run by Europe, and let all these migrant workers and asylum seekers flood into our country.

This Government wants to get it right and send the vast majority of migrants back. Not good for our environment (worthless).


May Blossom Walk