Hayes should be imprisoned

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My forefathers fought tooth and nail to keep our country free from the rule of dictating Europeans, in fact those who sided with the enemy were often imprisoned as traitors.

Also, as a nation we believe so much in political freedom and independence, governments of recent times have spent huge amounts of our hard earned money to help freedom fighters remove dictators from other countries, the latest achievement being Libya.

So, I am very angry at yet another political party, The Conservative Party, forcibly scuppering the opportunity for the population of this country to have a free vote on membership of the European Union, and the dictators of Europe.

In particular, I am very angry, that our elected member of parliament, Conservative member John Hayes, voted against democracy, in favour of dictatorship, from within government. I liken John Hayes and his fellow party members to modern day traitors, who should be imprisoned, just like all the other political parties who deny the population democracy.

I won’t be voting for John Hayes, nor his party again.

Peter Bird