Have they seen their own sign?

The sign at Spalding Cemetery.
The sign at Spalding Cemetery.
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I refer to your article in the January 31 edition of the Lincolnshire Free Press regarding an elderly woman finding dog mess on a family grave in Spalding Cemetery.

I note the comments from South Holland District Council saying there is no specific restriction on dogs in the cemetery – please see the photograph (above) taken at the cemetery.

I live in Ladywood Road and my property backs on to the cemetery and it has become increasingly more common to see people walking their dogs in the cemetery, both on and off the lead.

I have reported this to the parks department and Coun Gary Taylor but nothing seems to have been done about it.

Strange as the cemetery is manned on a pretty much full time basis, five days a week. However, when you put it together with the fact that the gates are never closed nowadays and there are plenty of night-time visitors in cars and on foot larking around, it is not surprising.

Rodney J Marks

Ladywood Road