Harrox Field facts from a trustee

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I wish to add two facts about the Harrox field in Moulton which should clarify some of the issues.

This field was purchased in 1990 by the Moulton Harrox Sports and Social Society, from the trustees of the Moulton Harrox Educational Fund. This sale was made with the approval of the Official Custodian for Charities and to be held in trust by four named trustees. No money from any John Harrox funds was used for this sale.

The trustees (J H Hayes MP, D J Grimwood and myself) hold this field in trust for the society and one of our duties is to see that the society observes the terms of the conveyance.

We all hold copies of John Harrox’s will signed in 1560. Here is clearly stated that his mansion house, lands and properties are left to establish: ‘a free grammar school in Moulton forever’. Nowhere is any mention made for any bequest to the village, its inhabitants or the village school.

The field and mansion house became the site of Moulton Grammar School, amalgamated with Spalding in 1939.


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