GYSPSY VOTE: He let down his constituents and those of whole district

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Democracy is one of mankind’s greatest achievements – the ability for any man or woman to rise from the most humble of origins to a position of relative power is huge. However, with that comes the uncertainty and probability over who is elected.

On Wednesday, May 7 one man let down the electorate – not just his constituents but those of the whole district.

Conservative member Anthony Casson was that man. After vowing to speak and defend the views of the people of Cowbit and Weston Hills, He choose to sit on his hands and remain totally silent. His excuse was that he received advice telling him not to speak. Poppycock!

After seven years he should know the rules, have the courage to represent and not fear the backlash from his party or colleagues. How ashamed he must feel that he did nothing. He should take a leaf from other councillors who stood and fought. This year we celebrate the fallen heroes of World War One and the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Thank God our country has had and still has brave men and women to fight for them. Mr Casson lacks the principle of a man who seeks office and responsibility. I hope he is totally ashamed of himself.

Of course the great saving grace about democracy is the ability to remove at the ballot box.

I hope Mr Casson allows his ward constituents the opportunity to sack him and his colleagues Andrew Woolf and Rodney Growcock in May of next year.

Jason Johnson