GYPSY VOTE: We are doing our best for the ordinary folk

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I felt very sorry recently for the residents of Cowbit and Weston Hills, when I read in this paper how they’ve been badly let down by certain district councillors.

I’m referring of course to the vote for the location of a travellers site.

It’s quite possible there might have been technical reasons why these district councillors couldn’t have voted, but the whole sordid affair, in my opinion, has been brought about by an arrogant government decision to force local councils to give community space to people who don’t often show they want to be part of a community.

Of course the political classes don’t have to put up with problems which might be caused by these decisions, they live in a different world, but ordinary folk like those of Cowbit and Weston Hills do.

It’s even worse when the servants of those same political parties, local councillors, also pay lip service to local residents .

However I can assure you, the party of which I’m a member is on your side, and we are doing our best to see that you the residents of these villages will have alternative representation to vote for in the forthcoming national and local elections.

Peter Bird


UKIP South Holland & The Deeping Branch