GROWERS: Weather law linked with candlemas

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I was interested in Jim West’s Growers article but he seems to have his days a bit mixed.

February 2 is Candlemas, not Michaelmas, which , of course is, September 29.

It is one of the old quarter days in England when farm rents had to be paid and labourers were hired for the year... and, of course, the Michaelmas daisies were in full flower.

There is a lot of weather law associated with candlemas. One that seems similar to the one he quotes is:

A farmer should , on Candlemas day,

Have half his corn and half of his hay.

A weather one which I have observed over the years is often right is:

If Candlemas day be fair and bright,

Winter will have another flight;

If on Candlemas day it be shower and rain,

Winter is gone and will not come again.

So you know what to expect this year.

Ruth Scrivener