GREEN WASTE: Take a leaf out of South Kesteven’s book

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I read with interest today’s article in the Free Press regarding the opening hours for the Spalding recycling centre.

In particular the section of the article which mentions green waste being collected from each household.

Presumably none of the councillors know what happens with green waste collections in neighbouring areas.

Maybe the councillors should all take a look at page 18 of the same edition to see what could be a possible solution as undertaken by South Kesteven District Council last year and in the process of being undertaken again this year.

Households (if they wish) sign up to a £25 per year scheme for their green waste to be collected regularly. I for one would sign up straight away, as this would mean no more filling up the car with rubbish, driving 16 miles (round trip) and queueing for who knows how long at the re-cycling centre.

Over 13,000 residents in South Kesteven obviously agree with the solution their councillors have found.

Bill Moody