Government’s priorities are fig trees rather than school dinners

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I read the story on the front page of the Spalding Guardian (April 26) about the assessing of free school meals with both surprise and anger.

In my day – and I can remember Cliff Richard – free school meals were indeed the only hot meal some of my classmates actually had and it was through no fault of their own but a simple case of their families were genuinely poor.

So I am surprised to learn that this system of free school meals is still in use after all these years.

But I am angered in that this country has been through two real, non oil or mineral grabbing inspired, world wars in which many lost their lives in order to make this a “better country” as well as defending its very being and we are still in the “Stone Age”.

Now the free school meals system is being shaken up and some are “not poor enough (apparently)” on the measuring stick that a Government department uses to grade people like inanimate items on a shelf.

Odd then that the same Government can pile a load of money – ours of course as tax payers –on to pallets and ship it abroad to help people we have not met.

But in basic terms the Government really has its priorities right as only the other week they were rather worried about the rental cost of the ornamental fig trees that adorned their rest area for MPs in London and when you compare that with this current situation, you truly could not make it up.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End