Government out of touch

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It never ceases to amaze me just how out of touch with real people this Government is and furthermore how the Home Office acolytes continue to ride roughshod over sound advice from established and credible organisations.

The latest turn of events is not about privatising our Police but relates to ignoring advice from the Electoral Commission about how to conduct the November 15 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

The Home Office has decided the electorate do not need to know about the individual candidates standing for election.

An information booklet will be sent to every household and the Home Office will mount a multi media campaign about the elections.

However, contrary to the advice given by the Electoral Commission to the Government, none of this will contain information about the individual candidates standing for election in each area.

Only candidates with a robust party political machine or significant funding from other sponsors behind them stand any chance of putting their case to every household in the area.

This only serves to further convince me that the Police Commissioner should be free from party politics and sponsorship by wealthy individuals and private concerns.

Jane Crofts

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