Gosberton’s service is always 3pm

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I feel I must reply to Mr Richardson’s comments in the Lincolnshire Free Press re the ‘Remembrance Day’ in Gosberton.

It seems that he is missing the point and should understand the difference between Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

It is the custom throughout the land to hold a Remembrance Church Service on the Sunday nearest to November 11, to offer prayers and thanks to those who gave their life for us and their country.

It does not necessarily follow that this must happen at 11am, but at a suitable time as arranged by the parish priest. As Mr Richardson has lived in Gosberton for over ten years he should have been well aware that in Gosberton that service is at 3pm, as it has been for as long as I have lived in the area.

We as the Royal British Legion on that Sunday met at the Risegate Memorial at 2pm and the Gosberton Memorial at 2.30pm to pay our respects followed by the church service at 3pm.

On Armistice Day, November 11 at 11am, we stood in the rain at the Gosberton Memorial together with other villagers, and a teacher and children from the school to again observe the silence and pay homage to the fallen, on what is the most important day of the British Legion or Ex Serviceman’s calendar.

Last year 2012 was an exception as November 11 fell on a Sunday and so we gathered at the Village Memorial at 11am to pay homage before proceeding to the Church for our service and later in the day held a service at the Risegate Memorial.

We trust Mr Richardson on November 11 at 11am like us stopped what he was doing stood in silence for two minutes.

John Weeks, president,

Gene Waterfall, chairman and Ian Walters, parish priest and vice chairman

Gosberton and District Royal British Legion