GOOD SAMARITAN: Faith in humankind restored

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May we through your newspaper express our sincere thanks to a good Samaritan and his wife from Spalding who came to our aid on Sunday, April 7.

We were visiting friends, who moved recently from Melton to Spalding, and got a route planner from the Internet. Arriving in Spalding was no problem but once there it was a nightmare and we soon realised we were going round in circles.

We asked several people to no avail, we were still going round in circles. Eventually we saw a couple in their front garden. They had just seen the visiting grandchildren off and they were fantastic, they had never heard of the roads we mentioned but the wife went indoors for her iPad.

They worked it out between them where we should be heading and the husband jumped in his van and said “follow me” and took us to our friends’ door.

We are both in our late 70s and I am registered blind and those two people are an absolute credit to Spalding and help to restore one’s faith in humankind.

Robert and Audrey Waite

Melton Mowbray