GOOD CAUSES: Food bank do a brilliant job

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It seems that around tea time or similar parts of the day, we are overwhelmed with adverts on the telly wishing us to part with our cash for this cause, that cause to the tune of x pounds per month or “just” a donation of £19 (!) in one instance – no doubt other amounts are to be agreed.

Quite how much these adverts cost to produce and then show must be quite high and so I assume they must be “cost effective” to those involved as some seem to have been running for months now that encompass four legged animals or two legged folk.

Having just done our bit as we did last year and donated some foodstuffs to the local – did not have to get an atlas out to see where it was on the planet as in a lot of cases these days – Agape food bank in Spalding, I was quite taken with the staff there as they are quite a jolly lot although one chap greeted me with the notion I was connected with a church in the area and I don’t know if I should be flattered or get myself a new haircut!.

I think these people are doing a wonderful job as its a case of 24/7 as one put it and when you consider that people rely on this very service, you then ask yourself as to why this country is in this position as while we have assorted Government bods wandering about on the world stage flag waving and giving our money, as in tax payers, to various “causes” while our own people rely on something to eat from the like of Agape on a day to day basis in some cases through no fault of their own is beyond comprehension.

Having said that, I think Agape are doing a brilliant job and puts our perceived Government to shame in this day and age.

Hard to believe we have had two world wars and seemingly we “won” them but still can’t look after our own people when they are going through a patch as they say as we seem obsessed with looking after everybody else in the world or have I missed the plot?

John Ward

Moulton Seas End