Golden T-shirt is just one of the rewards at school

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This front page article was nothing more than one disgruntled parent’s ranting turned into a story.

The Golden T-shirt scheme is just one of a whole host of ways that children at the school are rewarded for hard work and good behaviour.

To take one aspect completely out of context and just focus on that is lazy journalism.

The parent quoted in your article has removed her children from the school – as far as I am concerned that fact alone would be enough for me to question that parent’s motives for needing to continue the argument.

In the interests of full disclosure I should go on record here as a parent that doesn’t agree 100 per cent with the Golden reward scheme – I feel that there are possibly other options that could be explored – but I am intelligent enough to realise that this isn’t a massive part of my daughter’s day-to-day school life.

What is important to me, as a parent, is that my child is happy, confident, looks forward to going to school and she is excited about what she is learning.

All of this comes from the wonderful staff at Spalding Primary School. The school is by no means perfect and there will always be issues with parents who don’t agree with the school’s policies on various matters but the bigger picture is what we need to look at.

Mrs J Crane


EDITOR: Our reporter thoroughly investigated a parent’s complaints and spoke to four people while researching the story.

Lots of schools have rewards schemes. This is a controversial one.

Said story attracted 74 comments in its first 24 hours on our website – so my decision to lead with this it is more than vindicated.