Go, Corbo, go – right back to where you came from

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With regard to the latest letters in the Lincolnshire Free Press, I have come to the conclusion we need to look upon the Sir Halley Stewart Field as a legacy for our children.

They need open space to play on in town, not miles away.

Nowhere in the Trust document does it say that this field can be swapped for a piece of redundant farmland right out of town.

We must always remember that the Trust is a legal document.

I can understand why the various sporting organisations wish to grab the opportunity of getting a new, smart sports field and facilities.

These will obviously be provided and maintained by the council tax payers of this area.

Do not rob us of this little piece of greenery in the centre of town, we are not all sportsmen and women.

Recently a lady wrote in to say “Go Corbo, Go.” I agree with her: “Go Corbo, Go” – right back where you came from.

Bill Johnson

Kings Road