Get people off the road and on the rails

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In response to the report in the Spalding Guardian, December 5 regarding the ‘population boom sparks traffic plan’.

The bottleneck is not just in the town centre, Pinchbeck Road, Holbeach Road, Little London bridge and other areas are suffering because of the recent increase in volumes of traffic, held up by poor systems and traffic control. The traffic lights seem to be poorly balanced, in some cases when they break down the traffic flows better, but of course we must consider road safety here.

We need to make better provision for the cycle user and introduce more cycle paths in and around the town.

Two wheels don’t mix very well with four, you only have to look at the national statistics where there has been more people knocked off their bikes recently.

Over the past 30 years the population has grown from 16,000 to 30,000 plus and the authorities really need to be planning for the long term and be prepared for the next 30 years of growth and not just fill in the cracks for the time being.

With more housing development planned for the western area of town, in excess of 3,000 homes over the next ten to 12 years, even more including other areas.

This will bring more families, more cars and more people with the need to commute to work or shop.

Hopefully the town and its high street outlets will benefit by the additional volumes with the right balance of development within the town itself.

I attended a public presentation at the Red Lion Quarter, where there were plans displayed for the western relief road and after asking a question I understood that the cost for the project was going to be funded by the developer.

Will this development bring more schools, doctors’ surgeries and appropriate amenities for the community?

But has the horse already bolted? The infrastructure needed to be in place before the growth of the town’s population took hold.

Also embracing the government’s initiative, we need to getting more people out of the car, off the road and onto the rails with more local platforms in place, like the reopening of the Littleworth Station.

This would be most beneficial for those commuters currently having to drive to Peterborough for work or the commute to London.

The report also mentions an increase in level crossing down-times because of increased rail freight coming through the town.

Also there are concerns that the area of South Holland will not be suitable for the proposed rail hub and this will result in the market town being isolated and cut off for long periods, causing even more chaos on our roads.

Another concern has to be on behalf of our emergency services. How will they be able to respond to a call out when their route could be compromised by long delays? Why was the preferred northern site changed to the Littleworth area?

So there is my starter, say no the rail hub.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road, Spalding