Get organised and clean up your river

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I have been reading with interest the correspondence in your paper concerning the rubbish in the River Welland.

If the people of Spalding really want to get their river cleaned up then they need to do something about it practically, instead of criticising the local authority and the Environment Agency.

In Stamford they have a voluntary organisation called Stamford Rivercare. The group was set up in 2004 to care for the Stamford stretch of the River Welland. The aims of the group are to:

nRaise the profile of the River Welland with respect to its natural value, cultural heritage and as a public amenity.

nEncourage members of the public to appreciate the River Welland and surrounding floodplain in their area.

nSupport the maintenance and scientific study of the river.

nPromote and practice sustainability at all times.

Rivercare undertakes Task Days when their volunteers get involved in jobs such as litter picking, clearing rubbish out of the water course, wildlife conservation etc.

Surely a similar organisation looking after the River Welland and Coronation Channel in Spalding would be the answer to the litter problem.

Come on people of Spalding. It’s your river, and your town. Instead of moaning about the state of the river banks do something practical. Get organised and clean up the river.

Andrew Bowell

Deeping St James