GAY MARRIAGE: We wouldn’t prevent a man born with no legs from getting married

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In response to Mrs Strickland’s letter with her views to gay marriage that gay couples cannot produce babies without the help of a third party. Ridiculous really, just because a man and a woman marry doesn’t always mean that they will be able to make babies from that union naturally.

Many heterosexual couples have great difficulty getting pregnant and many have to rely on outside help, ie adoption, egg implants, donor sperm, fostering, to list a few. So why shouldn’t two men or two women be allowed to use these same services to have a child.

Same sex marriages are an absolute must in this day and age and it’s about time that the morally correct who have had their marriages and their umpteen kids because God wants them to leave the thousands of lovely gay couples to enjoy the life they deserve. They cannot help the fact that they are gay, they are born that way.

We wouldn’t stop a man with no legs from a birth defect from getting married or someone with blindness (born that way) to marry his or her sweetheart. Just the same as homosexuality is the way many people are born so why should we treat them any differently.

Pull your head out of the sand Mrs Strickland, it’s time for change and change is the best way forward.

R Lynn

Park Avenue