GAY MARRIAGE: We can’t choose who people love

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I write in response to Jean Strickland’s letter in January 3’s Guardian..

Mrs Strickland has written a comment about gay marriages which I completely do not agree with so i would like to offer my response to you.

I am not a religious person nor do I have any real regard for the government but I feel completely against this current campain against gay marriages.

It is not our choice to make who people should or shouldn’t love or be able to marry.

Mrs Strickland made a few comments that I find totally outrageous. To say someone who is gay should not be allowed to marry because they can’t reproduce is beyond stupid and a totally sexist remark to make.

We have hundreds of children born every day out of wedlock, born to single young girls who are not married.

There are hundreds of children who have been born into married families who now sit in children’s homes because the so-called stable family has let them down.

I believe that all children should be given a chance at a happy life and if this means being bought up in a gay family then so be it.

People should be allowed to marry who they choose, including the same sex.

I think Mrs Strickland should wake up take a good look around because I think she is wrong on this subject and on this occasion.

Sharon Rudd

Spalding Common