GAY MARRIAGE: She assumes everyone wants kids

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In response to Jean Strickland’s letter in which she stated that “two women or two men cannot produce children without aid from outside their union”, let me first vocalise that the argument for and against same-sex marriage has absolutely nothing to do with the right to produce children.

You have made an assumption that all married couples, whether same-sex or not, marry with the desire to produce children.

However, in the interest of democracy, let me continue. It seems those that vote against same-sex marriage do not realise that a vote will not change families already forged.

It will not change children already growing up with straight or gay parents. The proposed legislation changes how the law views same-sex couples; how the law treats same-sex couples.

It will change how society views same-sex couples; how society treats same-sex couples. If your argument is based on the premise that a child raised by same-sex parents is of altered character, you should know that those characters are proven to be hardly different to that of any child raised by a male-female couple.

You also forget that a modern society increasingly brings forth children from single-parent upbringings. It could be argued, therefore, that any parent or parents regardless of sexual orientation cannot produce children without aid from outside their union.

I hasten to add that any challenge that a child of a same-sex couple would ultimately face (and debatably, any challenge during childhood only builds on the content of character) is solely sourced from the inflicted view that same-sex marriage (and a child raised by same-sex parents) is wrong, that is; pain inflicted by those who share your view.

Unless of course, the aid that you refer to is in reference to the donation of cells, in which case you are entirely valid and we should prohibit IVF and donor males and surrogate mothers and stem cell research and transplants and most modern medicine immediately.

Rachel Fisher

Crown Drive