GAY MARRIAGE: Fair society?

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Gay marriage has split local Conservative MP’s John Hayes (South Holland and the Deepings) and Nick Boles (Bourne). One voted against and the other for the same sex marriage bill.

This is the Tory party that proudly maintains that it is a party that believes in a fair and more equal society for all regardless of sexuality, gender or race.

Well, after the recent Commons vote it seems that only half of them do on this particular issue.

John Hayes democratically hopes that the bill is defeated in the House of Lords. However, John Hayes is right when he says churches may be forced to conduct gay weddings when the bill becomes law and thus a legal duty.

After all, the Church of England and its supporters on the parish council here in Pinchbeck keenly impose a legal duty to force all residents, regardless of religious freedom, to pay for the upkeep of its churchyards on the very basis that all can use them.

David Turp

Wimberley Way