GASIFIER: Use your vote or lose your health

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Regarding the planned gasifier/incinerator in Sutton Bridge. Many of the residents and those in surrounding areas are deeply concerned with this proposal.

Many have written to the Secretary of State to call a public inquiry and in the meantime progress of this application is being monitored by Lorraine Gamble, planning casework manager at the National Planning Casework Unit.

This application has already been quashed by a court order and cost “you” the taxpayer over £10,000.

This is not the first time that the planning committee have got it wrong which is hardly surprising considering that members of the planning committee admitted that they did not understand the non-technical summary.

Energy Park Sutton Bridge director Helen Rome will have you believe that it is sustainable and that it will not be detrimental to your health or your wellbeing.

Helen Rome EPSB would have you believe it’s environmentally friendly and continues to hide behind a cloak of commercial sensitivity regarding the 420,000 tonnes of virgin wood and wood products to be burnt each year.

Why would a company build two extra chimney stacks to make a building look more aesthetically pleasing but at the same time build them to the same specifications as the others if they did not intend to commision them at a later date to burn other detrimental materials? It quite simply does not add up.

How can the planning committee begin to contemplate or approve plans for something that is shrouded in mystery?

Finding large quantities of wood will deprive others who depend on wood for their own use, making it an expensive commodity or impossible to source, having stitched up the market.

Any right-minded person will know that they cannot source this fuel. Unless they go outside of the UK it will then be shipped from far and wide into local ports (King’s Lynn & Sutton Bridge), transported by road to be burnt.

The by-product of this process is fly ash which will be transported by road to a recycling plant in Peterborough that will be capable of dealing with material of this nature. It’s hardly rocket science to a layperson like myself that this will not be green energy and is definitely not sustainable.

Helen Rome and EPSB appear to be deliberately deceptive with this application but we see through their smoke and mirrors.

Sutton Bridge and its residents will “NOT BE” the least point of resistance, we will not be a pushover, we will not be bought by the paltry promise of subsidised electricity or a cohesion fund.

The residents of Sutton Bridge have far more integrity.

When developers think we can be duped into selling our souls or our children’s souls in exchange for fool’s gold they need to think again.

Residents of Sutton Bridge you have the opporunity to vote in a poll on August 20 at the Curlew Centre between the hours of 4pm to 9pm.

It is imperative that you “USE YOUR VOTE OR LOSE YOUR HEALTH”.

Vicky Hills

Sutton Bridge