GASIFIER: The betrayal of Sutton Bridge

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Sutton Bridge Parish Council made an objection to the proposed incinerator/gasifier.

Yet, at the (South Holland) District planning pommittee meeting on April 17 Coun Brewis, who might have been expected to push the parish council’s objection on substantive grounds, could only summon up the energy to waffle on about making sure that any imports of wood for the incinerator come in ‘hermetically sealed’ units and that HGVs coming to the proposed site have tracking devices to ensure that they keep to major roads rather than make their way through the village. Nothing about air quality, the effect on health, the danger of explosions... no attempt to enlighten other members of the committee who seemed generally not to know what was going on.

Why is Coun Brewis unable to support the people he purports to represent?

Objectors to the proposed incinerator might like to bear this question in mind when they cast their votes on May 2.

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge