Gasifier: Surely changes warrant full re-appraisal of application?

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The data published to date on the Sutton Bridge Gasifier creates serious concerns, the basic details of 420,000 tonnes of fuel required to provide only 35MW of useful power out confirms that the project is fundamentally flawed with the process designed to deliberately waste 50 per cent of the resources used as fuel.

Typical biomass energy plants of similar size detail 1.33 MWh produced per tonne burned, this project only 0.66 MWh per tonne.

This waste equates to thousands of additional HGV journeys with health and environmental impact plus impact of additional plant emissions, plus further impact consequences created by the knowledge that we need to import 90 per cent of UK biomass requirements.

EPSB data indicates that the electricity production wasted at this site would power 80,000 homes and the very poor efficiency indicates more than eight out of ten HGV journeys will be also be wasted.

The carbon burned in the 420,000 tonnes of feedstock with additional pollution content guarantees GHG creation many times higher than use of equivalent fossil fuel.

The emissions volume is detailed to be many times higher than alternative combustion systems with hazardous content hundreds of times higher than equivalent gas.

Just check the data.

The air pollution can travel 200km before grounding.

The latest report confirms the project has now been sold for £165million to an American company with a stated intention to change the specified pollution reduction technology.

With £100million reduction in project technology already confirmed, a 20 per cent increase in burning and the new owner detailing further basic changes to the technology then the project is now totally different to the proposal detailed in the application and offered for consultation. Surely this project warrants a full re-appraisal.

Brian Wilson

Kirkby Lane, Woodhall Spa