GASIFIER: Some potscripts to the debate

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1. Just before Christmas, Ms Rome, incinerator spokesperson, asserted that if the village did not want an incinerator it would not be built. Only 28 people voted to have it here. What is Ms Rome’s word worth?

2. Mr Williams, incinerator boss, was “quite impressed” with South Holland Council’s planning process and planning chairman Mr Gambba-Jones thought the first meeting’s debate was “fulsome’”. Perhaps they’d have both found the tinkling of chandeliers on the sinking Titanic both fulsome and impressive.

3. It seems that we now have to think of the Incinerator as a “power station”. The biomass experiment will burn wood pellets to start with—it’s an incinerator and there will be emissions—and who knows what it will burn and what will be emitted from the chimneys when the pellets run out?

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge