GASIFIER PLANS: What has he actually done for village?

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Well there’s a surprise. Yet again Coun Brewis jumps on someone else’s bandwagon.

At South Holland District Council’s planning meeting last week he jumped in to propose acceptance of the officers’ recommendation to refuse the incinerator/gasifier planned for Sutton Bridge.

Perhaps now is the time to ask Coun Brewis exactly what HE has done for Sutton Bridge

This was the culmination of a five-year campaign in which many residents were involved. Shirley Giles won her own legal battle to overturn SHDC’s original decision to dump the incinerator on Sutton Bridge and then officers at last began to ask the right questions of the developers – questions the protest groups had been asking for many years.

Their silence suggests that they had found it impossible to provide intelligent and convincing answers.

Last time the incinerator/gasifier came before planning Coun Brewis voted FOR it subject to an assurance that imported feedstock would not contain foreign bugs and that traffic movements were monitored properly.

It’s worth recalling his activities in relation to the ‘gasifier’ since 2009. In that year it is recorded in the newspaper that he said it was a good idea.

At a parish meeting a couple of years later he was thanked by the woman who was the public face of the developer for delivering leaflets in the village on their behalf; he has since sabotaged the campaign against the incinerator and was scathing about the protest demonstration through the village.

A key member of the parish council resigned over its refusal in private session to provide financial support for pursuing a judicial review. Coun Brewis has taken no part in any protest nor did he ever represent the residents’ views in the planning committee.

The residents of Sutton Bridge and surrounding area, including adjoining councils, many groups, including the Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group, South Lincs Environmental Group and many others are the ones responsible for seeing off the proposed incinerator, which would have been horrendous for our small town.

Perhaps now is the time to ask Cllr Brewis exactly what HE has done for Sutton Bridge.