GASIFIER: Generator will be a success

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First, I would like to dispel the view that I neither “lobby” for, nor am I a “puppet mouthpiece” for anyone. I make my own decisions.

Mr Reid quotes: “The marina will be a costly flop.” Correct! The biomass power generator will be a success; when an appeal to the Secretary of State over-rules the objections.

Compare the two projects:

The marina is secretive, benefiting a chosen few, going against the CIC regulations, claims to generate £200,000 per year for the local economy, will generate one part-time job in Sutton Bridge; plus some jobs in Fenland District Council, and run by a group who I would not trust to run a bath.

The Biomass Power Generator group have been open and transparent with their plans, will fund community projects benefitting the whole community from its £250,000 per year, will comply with requirements under the Companies Act and the Environment Agency, and will create up to 300 jobs in the construction phase and 85-100 jobs when the plant is up and running. REgarding the “properly-monitored poll” at Sutton Bridge.Was Mr Collins-McDougall one of the intimidatory group outside the polling station, “encouraging” people to sign the petition against the gasifier?

Mr Blundell seems to have forgotten the poll for the “road scheme” in Sutton Bridge. At that time, he claimed that all those who did not vote, wanted to keep the road scheme. As only a very small proportion of the electorate voted against the gasifier, should he now claim that the non-voting majority are in favour of it?

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge