GASIFIER: Destined to become an incinerator?

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Sutton Bridge is the gateway to Lincolnshire not the dumping ground for Lincolnshire.

The application for the proposed gasifier/incinerator at Sutton Bridge appears to have changed over the years to try and make it acceptable.

I recall the initial proposal was for an incinerator to burn materials from household waste that could not be recycled. Waste from food processing and crop residues were also to be used.

I now understand that it is to be fired by wood sourced from conservation forestry management, wood pellets and other wood residues, which does not appear to be in plentiful supply.

It is a strange plan to run a wood-fired power station in the Fens, one of the least wooded areas of the country. Other sources of wood such as one way pallets are less plentiful than they once were due to more people owning wood burners. The slump in the building industry has almost eliminated that source of wood.

On that basis I predict within five years the site will apply for a change of use license to burn landfill waste or worse because of insufficient wood to burn. The application will of course play on the fact that jobs will be lost if they do not get the change of use and the council will feel duty bound to accept the change.

If it is, as I predict, destined to become an incinerator for landfill it would make more sense to locate it near the largest source of waste.

Oh no can’t do that, that would be in Spalding/Pinchbeck and the council do not want a gypsy site or wind turbines there so they certainly would not want an incinerator. Cynic I maybe, but watch this space.

Graham Law

Sutton Bridge